Digital Marketing

Reveal best strategies from the market and your competitors


The Digital Marketing Toolkit to Grow Your Traffic

Use Digital Marketing Intelligence to optimize your traffic across search, display, affiliate, and more.


The all-in-one Competitive Marketing Intelligence Solution for your entire marketing team

Marketing Leaders – Optimize your marketing budget and grow your market share across all channels.

SEO and Content Marketers – Discover new keyword opportunities and grow your traffic share on high value keywords.

Affiliate Marketers – Find new referral opportunities and qualify affiliate partners.

Media Buyers – Identify the top publishers and ad networks in your industry.

Performance Marketers – Get inspiration from high performing ads to inform your messaging, format, CTAs and landing pages.

Agencies – Win more business and build client strategy with the best digital insights


Competitive analysis

  • Benchmark your traffic and engagement across all marketing channels..
  • Discover growth opportunities based on what works best for your competitors’ marketing strategies.
  • Allocate marketing resources wisely based on your competitors paid activities and your traffic share.


Keyword research

  • Discover the top keywords generating traffic to your competitors, plus new and trending keywords.
  • Prioritize keywords based on search volume, actual click rates, paid vs organic clicks, competition and more.
  • Optimize your traffic share per keyword and monitor the search traffic trends in your industry.


Referral research

  • Discover new referral opportunities and grow your market share for existing ones.
  • Qualify new partners by analyzing their traffic by channel, engagement, audience interests and performance.
  • Monitor your traffic share from each traffic source.


Ad creative research & media buying

  • Benchmark your paid traffic and engagement performance to your industry and competitors.
  • Reveal your competitors search ads, PLAs, Display & Video Ads for any given time period.
  • See which publishers and ad networks your competitors are using to target their audience and which ones perform best.


Research Intelligence

Understand your market, your competitors and your customers


Market Intelligence & Audience Research Solutions

Explore your market, Discover industry trends, Analyze competitive performance & understand audience behavior with SimilarWeb Research Intelligence


The world’s most powerful Market Intelligence Platform

360° Visibility – Explore global market trends, competitive insights and audience behavior

Granularity – Zoom in on domain, subdomain, folder, and page-level analytics with flexible tools and custom reports.

Real Time – Access fresh data on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to track seasonal and yearly market changes.

Speed to Insight – Save time extracting market insights with a single, intuitive interface.


Benchmark your Digital Presence. See how you compare.

Accelerate your digital strategy and learn how you stack up against the competition and market leaders.


Research Markets, Analyze Industries, Identify Trends

Analyze market trends in near-real time so that you can take action when it matters most — not a quarter later.


Research any company. Gain a competitive edge.

Take a closer look at any company’s digital performance and expose your competitor’s digital strategies.


Analyze Online Behavior. Grow your audience.

Engage more deeply with your audience, explore new audience segments and expand your reach.


Master Conversion Analysis. Drive more sales.

Understand your customers and explore bottom-of-the funnel metrics. See what makes them convert.


Sales Intelligence

Enhance performance throughout your sales funnel


Connect with the right companies, at the right time

Over 100K sales professionals rely on SimilarWeb’s digital insights to find, close and retain more business


Generate more pipeline. Find new customers.

Filter and select relevant opportunities from over 100M potential companies across 200 countries:

  • 30M+ eCommerce sites.
  • 40M+ advertisers.
  • 50M+ publishers.


Craft the perfect sales pitch. Increase your win rates.

Get information about your prospects’ digital performance and use it as talking points for every sales conversation. Leverage insights about website traffic and competitive performance to drive valuable, consultative discussions and win more deals.


Enrich leads with digital performance metrics. Focus on your ideal customer profile.

Save valuable time and focus on high priority prospects by automatically qualifying your target prospects using digital revenue and performance metrics.


Investor Intelligence

Evaluate companies and empower better investment decisions


Go beyond the financials and ahead of the digital curve with web & app traffic

  • Ideate – Discover new investment ideas and surface real-time signals.
  • Validate – Increase conviction in investment hypotheses
  • Track – Monitor the digital performance of millions of companies


Discover ideas in real time

SimilarWeb data is updated daily with only a 48-72 hour processing lag so users can immediately identify emerging players and market trends.


Increase conviction in hypotheses

Validate assumptions on the health or deterioration of any company. Dig deeper with custom analyses and contextualize the data with competitive benchmarking.


Monitor digital health

Our diverse datasets provide a 360° view across digital platforms, industries, and geographies to identify inflection points and closely monitor the companies you care about most.


Gain full visibility into the digital landscape with key datasets

  • Website and App Traffic & Engagement
  • Industry Level Data
  • Digital Marketing Channels
  • Transactions & SKU Level Performance
  • Audience Behavior
  • Keyword Data

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