About WhoisXML API

WhoisXML API is a leader in the provision of cyber threat intelligence data. We specialize in the gathering and processing of domain, IP, and DNS records to produce comprehensive footprints for cybersecurity and other practical use cases.


Our intelligence includes all historical and current ownership and registration information from 2010 and on. Our databases are accessible via data feeds, API calls, and a series of monitoring and investigative tools. We work with all types of cybersecurity enterprises, including security platform providers, SOCs, and MSSPs, in addition to Fortune 1000 organizations and law enforcement organizations.


What is included in our sources of cyber threat intelligence?

We have had partnerships for years with important Internet entities such as registrars and registries. These collaborations have allowed us to build and maintain extensive footprints that cover:


Web domain records

  • 10.1B+ complete current and historical WHOIS records
  • 440M+ registered websites
  • 2864 top-level domains (TLDs) and second-level domains (SLDs)


IP geolocation

  • 99.5%+ of all IP addresses in use
  • 250 countries and 250K+ cities


IP netblocks

  • 9.5M IP netblocks in total
  • 48K+ ranges with a daily refresh
  • 65K+ unique ASNs


Passive DNS events

  • 2.3B+ hostnames & subdomains
  • 500B+ historic DNS events
  • 1M+ subdomains discovered daily
  • DNS records include MX, NS, TXT, etc. and dozens more


Main Use Cases

  • Security architects can develop and improve cybersecurity products with access to our meaningful sources of domain, IP, and DNS intelligence
  • MSSPs can correlate our threat intelligence feeds with other data sources to speed up security alert detection and spot vulnerabilities in their clients’ infrastructure and assets
  • SOCs can work with us to improve their cybersecurity strategies and contextualize the traffic coming in and out of their IT networks
  • Law enforcement agents can use domains, IPs, and DNS events as leads in their cybercrime investigations

Next Steps

Learn more about how WhoisXML API can help strengthen your security products, operations, and strategies. Contact Software Sources Ltd to get prices for WhoisXML API products by phone or email, or to place an order.


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