SharePoint content migration, management, farm infrastructure & security reporting products. Migrate complete file share content hierarchy to SharePoint on-premise and online (Office 365) or vice-versa or between SharePoint servers. Manage Site Collections, features and content. Get a bird’s eye view of your SharePoint Farm.


♦ Dockit for SharePoint
♦ External Data Connector for SharePoint
♦ Public Folder Migrator
♦ SharePoint Farm Reporter
♦ SharePoint Information Organizer
♦ Security Reporter for SharePoint (App)
♦ SPListX for SharePoint
♦ XPlica for SharePoint

Active Directory

Products that track and provide Real Time Updates on changes in AD configuration, rules, OUs, GPOs, attributes, NTFS permissions, security and help in analysis & administration. Search for and identify specific changes to minimize administrative tasks and undo errors. Make your AD secure with the help of highly descriptive reports.

♦ Active Directory Change Tracker

♦ ARK for Active Directory (ARKAD)

Gather insights into Exchange Server with our Exchange Server Reporting and Analysis solution. Get useful data on Exchange Server’s Mailboxes, Public Folders, Usage, Security and Server configuration. It allows you to audit, track and analyze all the critical parameters of your Exchange Server & Active Directory network. Get updated data about various folders, policies, protocols, connectors, etc.


♦ ARK for Exchange Server (ARKES)

The sudden proliferation of VMs across an organization is due to the fact that VMs are easy to install, configure and get them up and running. Since there are numerous benefits due to Virtualization, user adoption has been quick and companies have been able to increase productivity of teams managing and using their IT infrastructure.


♦ Hyper-V Management Suite

Get regular / instant Events and Diagnostic reports on your IIS and Exchange infrastructure. Configuration, inventory & administrative reports to help with Site, Application pool, Mailbox, Folders management, etc. Improve troubleshooting and operational efficiency of your IIS and Exchange servers with precise reports.


♦ ARK for IIS 4.x / 5.x / 6.x (ARKIIS)

♦ ARK for IIS 7 (ARKIIS)

Office 365 
Office 365 Export allows you to export your Exchange Online mails, contacts, tasks and events to the file system as a backup. It archives mails and related data to the file system. Office 365 Manager helps create Office 365 users, set passwords and assign licenses right from your desktop. Office 365 Reporting tool provides powerful reports on Mailbox.


♦ Office 365 Migration tool

♦ Office 365 Audit and Reporting tool

♦ Office 365 Mailbox Export tool

♦ Office 365 Management Tool

Windows Enterprise 
Keep an eye on all Events in your Windows Enterprise with instant updates. Check hardware, software and network inventory. Check all or specific servers, workstations, NTFS permissions, file servers and domain controllers. Check security policies, plug leaks and prevent all unauthorized transactions in your Enterprise.


♦ ARK for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE)

♦ NTFS Security Auditor

♦ NTFS Change Auditor

♦ NTFS Security Manager



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