UserWay Makes Accessibility Easy

WCAG & ADA Compliance

UserWay’s solutions make WCAG & ADA compliance easier from day one, and every single day thereafter.

Mitigate Legal Risk

Protect your website from accessibility-related lawsuits with the world’s strongest automated solution for accessibility.

Enhanced Usability & UI/UX

Accessibility sets your website apart and showcases your commitment to inclusion – all while boosting SEO, search rankings, conversions and your bottom line.

Accessibility Widget

  • Screen Reader
    UserWay’s industry-leading screen reader speaks aloud all page contents without needing to install an external screen reader.
  • Dictionary (WCAG 2.1, §3.1)
    Gives users access to dictionary lookups without needing to leave the website. Essential for those with cognitive disabilities, non-native English speakers, and more.
  • Bigger Text (WCAG 2.1, 1.4.4)
    Cycles on-screen text through four different levels of size increases. Makes every part of your site instantly more readable.
  • Saturation
    Set the intensity of colors on a site to high, low or grayscale.
  • Contrast +
    Invert the colors of a website or switch between light and dark contrast modes.
  • Smart Contrast
    Ensures that all of your site colors are fully ADA-compliant, resulting in higher visibility for your content.
  • Highlight Links
    Emphasize links, buttons, and other interactive elements in clear, high-contrast colors that are easy to identify. Highlights clickable items for easier site usability, navigation, and overall accessibility.
  • Pause Animations
    Pauses content that moves or auto-updates that is considered an accessibility barrier. Stops animations, blinking, and flashing content that distracts and may trigger seizures.
  • Text Spacing (WCAG 2.1, 1.4.12)
    Modify text and line spacing for improved readability for dyslexic and visually impaired users. Offers three degrees of adjustments for a personalized and more accessible reading experience.
  • Line Height (WCAG 2.1, 1.4.12)
    Increase line height to ensure more comfortable spacing for all on-site text.
  • Text Align
    Align site text left, right or center to ensure a personalized and more accessible reading experience.
  • Dyslexia Friendly
    UserWay’s Dyslexia Friendly Font enhances readability for those with dyslexia and provides an easier and more fluid reading experience that is tailored to site visitors with dyslexia.
  • Big Cursor
    Increases the standard cursor size by 400% to ensure the pointer always remains in sight. Allows for faster and more accessible navigation through hyperlinks, tabs, and form elements.
  • Tooltips
    Shows alternative text and ARIA labels for on-screen elements with a simple mouse hover. Tooltips are prominent, high contrast, and easy to read for low-vision users with accessibility needs.
  • Page Structure
    Quickly reveal page headings, landmarks, and links in a clear, structured, easily navigable, and accessible manner. Helps both disabled and non-disabled users find the content they want, faster.

Managed Accessibility: We Take Care of All Your Needs

UserWay’s Managed Accessibility includes our AI-Powered Accessibility Widget, plus continual manual reviews, testing, updates by our experts and more.

  • WCAG 2.1 AA conformance to meet ADA and EN 301-549 rules
  • Real-time accessibility monitoring & reports
  • Full suite of 100+ AI-powered accessibility functions
  • Custom remediation expertise from visually impaired testers
  • Litigation protection + $1,000,000 commitment


Accessibility Scanner

Easily Identify & Fix Issues with Web Accessibility Scanner, Monitor & Checker

  • Create Sitemaps & Seamlessly Optimize Your Efforts
    For streamlined accessibility testing, choose specific pages and templates to simplify your development team’s next sprint or release. Simply enter a URL and UserWay will read your sitemap, so you can easily decide which pages to scan.
  • Full Scanning Coverage Across Desktop & Mobile Resolutions
    The UserWay Accessibility Scanner checks for issues that may only appear on specific screen sizes or devices.

  • Comprehensive Scanning of Desktop & Mobile Resolutions
    The UserWay Accessibility Scanner looks for issues that may only appear on specific screen sizes and devices.
    It’s capable of conducting 30,000 scans on mobile and desktop sites with more than 15,000 pages in less than an hour. Large-scan first results are delivered in mere minutes.
  • Coordinate Website Updates With Your Scan Data
    UserWay’s Accessibility Scanner doesn’t just identify the violations on your site, it also specifies which to correct first. The advantages of using a comprehensive accessibility checker include:

    • One-Click Access to Screenshots – Screenshots help you easily identify the link, image, video, field, or any DOM element that triggers a violation.

    • Identify Issues Directly Within Your Site Code – Flagged violations include detailed explanations of how to perform the necessary code fixes or remediations.

    • Leverage Robust Team Management Features – Collaborate using access rights to determine who can launch scans, resolve issues and manage other members.
  • Prioritize Template-Level Violations First
    Now you can optimize your dev team’s remediation efforts by first focusing on site-wide and template-level violations that affect the majority of your site’s pages. With UserWay’s Accessibility Scanning & Monitoring solution, ensure the optimal impact for your team’s efforts and ROI for your organization.

UserWay for MS Office
Create Instantly Accessible PDFs

UserWay for MS Office helps organizations remove barriers to PDF access for people with disabilities and stay compliant with ADA, WCAG and PDF/UA standards.

  • Generate Fully Accessible, Certified PDFs in Minutes
    • No accessibility expertise required. The wizard takes the document writer through a built-in process that standardizes all accessibility procedures.
    • Perfect for any document-type. A perfect solution for technical guides, contracts, business reports, and a plethora of other documents.
    • Everyone on your team can use it. No need for clearing calendars for formal training – it’s so easy to use that your team will catch on in mere minutes.
  • Why Every Organization Can Benefit from UserWay for MS Office

    • Cut compliance costs
    • Meet PDF/UA, Section 508, WCAG 2.1 AA
    • Reduce time-to-market
    • Decrease litigation risks
    • Fixes contrast violations
    • Easy to learn and use
    • Supports complex tables