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TRAD Company

Founded in 1994, TRAD, Tests & Radiations is an independent company providing High Reliability electronic services for space, defense, aviation and other harsh environment applications where reliability is critical.

Located near Toulouse (France), in the industrial area of LABEGE INNOPOLE, TRAD has 800 m2 of laboratory space and high technology equipment allowing any type of radiation studies and tests for electronic components.
In 2012, TRAD built its own Co60 irradiation facility. It is located next to the TRAD offices and laboratory in Labège. In 2014, we will have our own Electron irradiation facility at Labège for up to 4 MeV.

TRAD’s core skills consist in testing and analyzing semiconductor components for space or military applications.
Continuous investment in facilities, equipment, and skilled staff enables TRAD to provide cost effective solutions for critical issues such as:

  • Radiation calculation and dedicated software
  • Radiation tests and analyses
  • Special test benches

When you choose TRAD you have access to 20 years of experience in radiation testing acquired by servicing and supporting customers all around the world.


RayXpert Software

RayXpert is a 3D modeling software that calculates the gamma dose rate by Monte Carlo. Compatible with Windows, RayXpert allows Monte Carlo precision while taking advantage of a user-friendly « push-button » graphical interface. A series of tools simplifies the scenario management (geometry, sources, etc.) and the modeling and calculation steps. For example, the simulation parameters are all saved, maximizing the recalculation. All these features assist the user in his analysis, for a precise, efficient and rapid work in the field of Gamma radiation.



3D Import and Design

The interface quickly enables the user to create realistic 3D models, firstly by combining simple solid shapes (CSG), and secondly by importing 3D models made with standard CAD software (CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro-E, AutoCad,etc.).


Material and radioactive sources

  • Pre-defined list (NIST for material, EAF 2010 for radioactive elements)
  • Intrinsic material and source definition (composition of elements and radioactive elements)



The particle tracking in the 3D structure is calculated with the Monte Carlo method.
RayXpert deals with photon, electron and positron transport in particular


Multi-source and multi-detector

Several sources and detectors can be simply and simultaneously defined. A completely automated biasing is proposed to accelerate the complex geometry convergence.
The results are the equivalent dose rate (DED H*(10) of the CIPR74) and the photon flux at the detector level.
A calculation window allows you to monitor the DED value and its error rate for each detector, during the simulation.



Validation of results

Comparisons with MCNPx 2.7.0 allowed us to validate photon transport and secondary particles through different materials (concrete, lead, aluminium, nylon,etc.), and for several sources (Co, Cs, Eu, etc.).
These tests also allowed us to validate the dose due to scattered radiation in a 3D scene.


3D Mapping

The Cartography module enables the user to create automatically a mesh of virtual detectors (mesh Tally) allowing to visualize the doses, flux, deposited energies and associated errors in 3D everywhere in the model.


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