Get your commit done.
SmartGit is a graphical Git client with support for GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. SmartGit runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.


One for All.

This powerful, multi-platform Git client has the same intuitive user interface on Windows, macOS and Linux:

  • graphical merge and commit history
  • drag and drop commit reordering, merging or rebase

Use your SmartGit license on as many machines and operating systems you like.


Everything Included.

No need to install and configure additional tools.

SmartGit includes:

  • command line Git client (Windows, macOS)
  • Graphical Merge and Commit History
  • Git-Flow
  • SSH-client
  • File Compare
  • File Merge (“Conflict Solver”)

Adopt to Your Needs and Workflows.

A commercial Git client should support your work-flows. You can customize SmartGit in various ways:

  • Preferences for Merging, Rebasing
  • Layout of certain views,
  • External tools,
  • External or built-in Compare or Conflict Solver tools,
  • Keyboard shortcuts,
  • Toolbars,
  • Syntax coloring,
  • Light and dark themes

Interacting with popular platforms.

SmartGit comes with special integrations for GitHub, BitBucket and BitBucket Server (former Atlassian Stash) to create and resolve Pull Requests and Review Comments.




Comparing Directories the Smart Way.
SmartSynchronize is an advanced file and directory compare tool.

SmartSynchronize is a multi-platform file and directory compare tool. It allows you to compare files or perform 3-way-merges, both with the ability to edit the file contents. SmartSynchronize is optimized for comparing directory structures (for example, of software projects), and can keep them synchronized.

Main Features:

File Compare

  • comfortable editing and transfer of changes from one file to the other
  • inner-line change detection

Directory Compare

  • configurable filter for customized directory scanning (inclusion and exclusion)
  • configurable filter for ignored files
  • easy transfer of changes from one directory structure to another
  • saving configuration for later re-use (“profile”)
  • automatic synchronization depending on file times and previous synchronization time


  • ability to edit each of the three files
  • easy merge from changed files to resulting files


  • command line interface for easy invocation from other applications
  • configurable font, colors and accelerators
  • runs on Windows, Linux, macOS
  • support for all major text file encodings

What SmartSynchronize is not:

SmartSynchronize is not designed as a backup tool or for synchronizing with remote hosts, e.g. FTP. It does not know about platform-dependent file attributes like executable flags or permissions.





Go beyond.
Answer the question “why is this code there?” more effectively than with conventional Git clients.

DeepGit is a tool to investigate the history of source code. It is based on git blame and makes it easy to trace changes to a line or block of code. DeepGit will detect code movements, even if lines are not identical.

Why prefer DeepGit?

DeepGit is free

DeepGit is free to use for everyone, even in a commercial environment.

Works in almost any environment

Use DeepGit on WindowsmacOS and Linux.

Integrate DeepGit with any IDE which supports external tools: Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ Idea, … and powerful text editors like Sublime.



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