Sony Creative Software

Sony Creative Software


• Professional Solutions
o ACID Pro 7: Professional digital audio workstation.
o Sound Forge Pro Mac 1.0:  irecord, edit, and deliver crisp, punchy, and perfectly optimized audio content for any purpose.
o SpectraLayers Pro: Advanced audio spectrum editor.
o Vegas Pro 12: Professional HD video, audio, and Blu-ray Disc™ creation.
o Vegas Pro 12 Edit: Professional HD video and audio production.
o Vegas Pro 12 Suite: Professional Editing, Disc Authoring, and Visual Effects Design
o Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2: Automation and productivity tools for broadcasters and editors.
o Sound Forge Pro 10: Professional digital audio production suite.
o CD Architect 5.2: Professional Red Book audio CD mastering.

• Home Studio Solutions

o ACID Music Studio 9: Music creation and mixing.
o DVD Architect Studio 5.0: Professional-looking DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ projects made easy.
o Imagination Studio 4: Combines five powerful Sony applications so you can enhance and share your music, photos, and                          movies like never before.
o Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite: HD video editing, DVD creation, and more.
o Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2: Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite 2 has all the creative tools you need to              unleash your inner filmmaker.
o moviEZ HD: Your movies. Your photos. Your music. You’re done.
o Photo Go: The fun, easy way to organize, edit, and share your digital photos.
o Pixelcast: Share videos and photos with friends.
o Sound Forge Audio Studio 10: Audio editing and production.
o Movie Studio 11: HD Video Editing.

o Movie Studio Platinum 12: Video editing and DVD creation.

• Enterprise Blu-Ray Authoring

o Blu-print: The optimal solution for high volume Blu-ray Disc™ authoring.
o DoStudio: Create replication ready Blu-ray Disc™ titles with interactive pop-up menus and more.
o Blu-ray Disc™ Encoders: MPEG-2, H.264/AVC HD, and MVC encoders for 2D and 3D Blu-ray Disc™ authoring.
o Z Depth: Edit and record the offset metadata for accurate placement of subtitles in 3D space.
• Children Software

o Jam Trax: Music creation software for kids 10 and up.• Digital Audio Plugins

o ExpressFX 1: Four effects including Distortion, Flange/Wah-Wah, Reverb, and Stutter.
o ExpressFX 2: Four effects including Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Delay, and E
o Noise Reduction 2: Restore, repair, and renew your audio recordings.
o XFX 1: Enhance your digital audio with six classic effects.
o XFX 2: Enhance your digital audio with six essential mastering effects.
o XFX 3: Enhance your digital audio with six eclectic effects.


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