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The Only Tool You Need to Collaborate and Work With Remote Team Members

  • Holistic approach
  • AI-powered detections.
  • Easy to configure and setup
  • Get your team to Work Anywhere in minutes
  • Reduce your work from anywhere cost significantly
  • Support all popular platforms – Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Inbuilt Collaborative tool – wAnywhere Connect and support integrations with all popular tools.


Remote employee monitoring software with AI-powered
future ready work solutions



Productivity Monitoring Software for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Keep your hybrid or remote teams focused at work and avoid distractions. Measure how they work and with what productivity to optimize their performance.

  • Log In & Log Out Time
  • App and Web Usage
  • Break and Aux Time
  • Active vs Idle Time


Get actionable insights into key performance parameters

Scale the performance of your remote or hybrid teams against key productivity parameters to know when they login to work, what tasks they do, and when they log out to analyze what productive hours they work.


Boost Employee Productivity

Analyze, measure, and increase employee productivity with powerful features that wAnywhere provides.



Real-Time Monitoring

Track your teams’ activities in real-time and know what tasks they are doing currently. Get a summarized view of what teams are available at work, their Login, Active, Idle, Break, and Aux Time to measure what Productivity they achieve.



Productivity Analytics

Gain analytics based on your teams’ performance against productivity parameters, including App & Web Usage, Active Time, Total Work Hours, and more. Measure department-wise productivity contribution and learn what department performs better.



Attendance Summary

Get an attendance summary to learn what teams are available at work and what teams are not present to measure the impact on overall productivity. Know the count of available resources to plan and distribute work and maximize performance.




Visualize productivity parameters on an intuitive wAnywhere dashboard to get actionable insights into what teams better perform and what teams need support to improve performance and achieve more. Measure how teams work and help them boost productivity.




Get your teams’ productivity-based reports downloadable in Excel, PDF, and CSV format to gain their performance-oriented detailed data. Analyze how teams work and with what efficiency to measure how focused they are at work and what productivity they achieve.



Get the most of wAnywhere employee monitoring software

Allow role-based access to managers and teams to maintain productivity and encourage accountability in remote work.


Manager/Admin Login

Let managers/admins access their teams’ performance data to analyze productivity.


Team Login

Provide teams access to their activity based data to encourage accountability.


Integrate Tools

Integrate internal/external tools with wAnywhere to let your teams get the needed resources.


How wAnywhere works for different teams

wAnywhere provides you an actionable insight into what time remote teams work, what work patterns they follow, and how productive they perform.



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