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Raima Database Manager (RDM) is an embedded relational database optimized to run on resource-constrained IoT edge devices that require real-time response. RDM enables intelligent decisions to be made at the device level within microseconds.


Raima Database Manager™ (RDM): High-Performance Embedded Database Technology

Raima Database Manager (RDM)™ is an embedded in-memory database developed for the IoT and edge market. It is fast and persistent, optimized for performance and reliability (see our performance testing benchmarks). RDM can be used through a call from it’s extensive suite of API’s including the C/C++ cursor, SQL, Java JDBC, and C# ADO.NET.


Decreased time-to-market

Industry-standard interfaces & tools for making your job easy. Out-off-the box project files to get up and running in minutes.


Microsecond reaction times

TPC tests confirm magnitudes faster than competition. Massive scalability with additional hardware.


Complete data integrity

Meets market demand for cybersecurity support. Zero data loss gives you peace-of-mind.


Develop once, deploy anywhere

Supports any hardware or software combination. Avoid little endian/big endian issues or even run without OS in barebones configuration.


Enterprise-level edge database

Only edge IoT database with rich SQL support. Seamless replication from edge to cloud. Requires less than 350k of RAM & minimal CPU power


Never alone

Free support during the entire evaluation process. Highly skilled engineers walk with you throughout development. Trusted by fortune 500 companies.


Software Sources Ltd is Raima’s Reseller.