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Embeddable .Net Workflow Engine



Workflow Engine is a backbone solution for business process management (BPM) which makes feasible to automate the workflow design by using low-code visual builders. It is based on .NET Framework/.NET Core and JavaScript libraries. Workflow Engine enables workflow processing and correct integration by providing a graphic designer to create process workflow schemes and at the same time, this software component facilitates the management, execution and visualization of workflow processes.




Integration with solutions based on other technologies (ASP.NET WebForms, .NET WinForms) or databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB and others) is roughly the same and should not entail any difficulties.




Workflow Engine offers its users all the components necessary to implement workflows of any complexity; and helps them to maintain consistent business processes. Workflow Engine is designed to improve organizational efficiency and productivity, allowing companies to concentrate on job performance rather than workflow management.

Workflow Server


Workflow Server can process about 200 requests per second on a typical 4 GB RAM server. The response time of a single request is about 20 ms. Performance does not degrade with up to several million records with default database server settings. Custom database server settings are required for larger volumes of data. Performance can vary drastically depending on your schemes. We have prepared SoapUI tests so that you can test performance yourself.


We tried to make Workflow Server as lightweight and simple as possible, yet, with a wide range of capabilities. Key capabilities of Workflow Server are:

  • Workflow processing
  • Determining a form by workflow state and current user role
  • HTTP API integration
  • Reports

Workflow features are:

  • Workflow scheme versioning
  • Changing the process scheme in real-time
  • Inbox/outbox folders
  • Process execution simulation

Workflow Server is based on Workflow Engine and has an HTTP API, a dashboard for an administrator and a set of reports. The architecture of the product is depicted below. When developing Workflow Server, we were guided by the generally accepted rules of building program products.


Embeddable .Net Workflow Engine

Power of Workflow Server

The foundational tool for business process management (BPM), Workflow Engine, enables automation of workflow design using low-code visual builders. It is built using JavaScript libraries and the.NET Framework/.NET Core.

Despite being a part of Workflow Server, Workflow Engine can be purchased separately. It enables workflow processing and proper integration by giving graphic designers the tools they need to construct process workflow schemes. This software component also makes workflow management, execution, and visualization easier.


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