New Boundary Technologies

New Boundary Technologies


Prism Deploy Packager (Formerly Prism Pack or Picture Taker)
Prism Deploy Packager packages software for deployment to any Windows workstation or laptop anywhere in the world, including Windows Vista computers . Whether you use Microsoft SMS or another desktop management suite, your software packaging can use a boost. Prism Deploy Packager is the perfect complementary tool to your existing solution. With Prism Deploy Packager you can slash package creation times from days or weeks to hours or minutes by replacing tedious scripting with an easy wizard interface.


Prism Deploy 
Prism Deploy® distributes software to every Windows computer in your organization – including Windows Vista systems. In fact, you can deploy software like Office 2007 up to five times faster than native installs using Prism Deploy and a Prism Deploy Package.


Prism Asset Manager 
Using Prism Asset Manager’s powerful dynamic configuration management capabilities, you get all the actionable information you need to make informed decisions that will reduce costs and improve productivity. In real-time. Without wasting network bandwidth on repeated inventory scans.

PowerSmart Software 

PwrSmart Software offers you a simple way to reduce your PC related energy costs by as much as 60% through centrally controlling and automating PC power behaviors. Powering PCs is the third largest energy consumer within most organizations.

Software Sources Ltd. is serving as New Boundary distributor and premier reseller.