With ZeroOps, you do the apps. We do the ops.

The easiest way to run modern apps anywhere, using Kubernetes.


What is ZeroOps?

Focus on what’s important. Let Mirantis take care of everything else.

Applications and services drive value – we all know that. Naturally, you want to deliver them better, faster, and with greater certainty. But for many organizations, cloud complexity is a HUGE barrier, with steep learning curves, risks and costs, and unpredictable outcomes.

With ZeroOps, you can take your time back and focus on what you need to do.


Why ZeroOps?

ZeroOps changes all of that by giving you time back, so you can focus on building applications and value. It’s a comprehensive playbook and toolkit for providing applications and services flexibly, scalably, and repeatedly.

How it’s done

ZeroOps combines Mirantis’ deep domain knowledge of cloud native technologies with smart automation and an optimized solution stack, so you can leverage all the benefits of automated platforms, anywhere.

Unified interface for all your infra: Mirantis Container Cloud gives you a single console to manage your entire hybrid infrastructure estate.

Zero-downtime updates: No more scheduling work around updates. Get access to new features faster—with zero downtime for clusters and workloads.

Self-service for developers: Give your developers the power to effortlessly create, observe, and manage Kubernetes clusters, all with custom guardrails.



ZeroOps where you need it

Mirantis ZeroOps products and services are modular, and can be applied at any scale that’s right for your business. We can help you accelerate modern application development on any Kubernetes or cloud platform, starting with a single project or workflow requiring improvement.

Or we can deliver a full-stack, enterprise-spanning solution that speeds application delivery and operations for your whole organization.

It’s up to you.

ZeroOps lets you do it all – without the complexity, painful and risky learning-curves, hard-to-predict costs, unpredictable outcomes, long-term timesucks, and distractions of wrangling clouds yourself. ZeroOps gives you back the gift of time.


How ZeroOps Works

ZeroOps combines cloud native expertise and automation to provide an “as–a-service” DevOps experience. That helps bring your costs down while accelerating go-to-market and boosting security and reliability.

Expertise on tap. Get at-hand expertise when you need it, and proactive remote monitoring across your infrastructure, 24/7/365, governed by explicit SLAs.

Intelligent automation. We leverage Kubernetes to turn crisis operations into scheduled maintenance—backed by an extensible Mirantis framework that enables comprehensive platform observability and operations on any infrastructure.

Architecture engineered for ZeroOps. Our architecture is built on decades of experience in open source and open standards. Strict separation of domains, common abstraction layers like Kubernetes, and API-based integrations support rapid customization while preventing lock-in.




Lens AppIQ

App-Centric Intelligence for Modern Application Management:
Gain Insights, Secure, and Optimize Apps with One Unified Solution

The Challenge

As you scale up with Kubernetes – more applications, more developers – lack of insight slows down delivery, complicates application operations, and magnifies downtime, security, and compliance risks.

Developers struggle to figure out how apps work, how they’re performing, and how to improve them. Operators wrestle with deploying complex apps, and with keeping them available, secure, and compliant. Organizations suffer too: with delayed releases, slow developer onboarding, excess troubleshooting.



The Solution

Lens AppIQ delivers application intelligence: it seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, offering a self-service portal that lets developers efficiently manage and troubleshoot applications and gives Ops teams simple tools to ensure application performance, availability, security, and compliance. Plus: deep app insights for enhanced planning.

App-Centric Intelligence

Optimize application management across Kubernetes clusters. Streamline decision-making, monitor compliance, troubleshoot efficiently, and enhance performance—all from a unified solution.

  • Deep Application Insights: Track application trends, policy violations, app performance, and more.
  • Compliance Overview: Get a quick compliance snapshot for all clusters and applications. Monitor policies, identify violations, and access detailed reports for complete compliance visibility.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Monitor and optimize application health in real-time.
  • Efficient Troubleshooting: Streamline troubleshooting with easy access to application logs, events, life-cycle history, and other critical info.

Policy-Driven Security and Compliance

Ensure rock-solid security and compliance across your Kubernetes environment with Lens AppIQ’s policy-driven approach. Streamline policy management, track changes, and receive real-time alerts for rapid corrective action.

  • Effortless Policy Management: Simplify policy creation and adhere to best practices.
  • Consistent Enforcement: Enforce policies across clusters and teams for a secure environment.
  • Audits and Alerts: Track changes, maintain compliance, and receive real-time alerts, integrating with Slack, PagerDuty, or other platforms.
  • Streamlined Security: Control resource consumption, manage RBAC, enforce network policies, and implement standardized security best practices across apps, clusters, and teams.

Developer Self-Service

Plug Lens AppIQ into your existing infrastructure to empower developers with a unified solution for managing, troubleshooting, and enhancing applications – all without the need for direct access to Kubernetes.

  • Developer Autonomy: Developers can manage, and troubleshoot applications independently, without the need for Kubernetes expertise or access to infrastructure.
  • Clarity about Dependencies: visualize application dependencies and service connections through intuitive dependency maps, simplifying troubleshooting.
  • Application Monitoring: Access real-time application monitoring and other critical insights. Make data-driven decisions and ensure optimal performance.
  • App-Centric Intelligence: Focus on applications, not infrastructure. Harness the full potential of Kubernetes while reducing the learning curve.

The Results

Lens AppIQ app-centric intelligence empowers you to confidently accelerate Kubernetes development and drive your business forward. Experience the impact of Lens AppIQ throughout your entire organization.


Application Delivery Hub

Increase developer productivity now- just push your code. 

Your ZeroOps application delivery hub. Want to build sites and deliver applications faster? Don’t sweat: with amazee.io and Lagoon, you can reap all the benefits of Kubernetes without even knowing it. We do it for you. All you do is push code.

Apps, not opps: Developers can spend more time focused on application development and not operations, accelerating app delivery. Use amazee.io’s Lagoon to easily deploy your applications in a Kubernetes- based cloud environment.

Infrastructure agnostic: Fully ready to run on any compliant public cloud or on-prem Kubernetes cluster. Leverage your existing, or any available, cloud resources.

Host anything, anywhere: Infrastructure operators can provide developers with an application deployment infrastructure that can support any on-prem or public cloud service, in any language.

100% open source: No black box. No vendor lock-in. Full transparency to see all the code and get a full view of your application delivery.

How it works

You choose a deployment model

Choose from fully or self-managed deployment models, with amazee.io handling the day-to-day operations of the infrastructure. Or use Lagoon-as-a-Service in conjunction with your own existing Kubernetes clusters.

You choose location

We will set up and manage our scalable platform on the server of your choice, whether it’s in our cloud infrastructure, your own cloud infrastructure account, or your own on-premises data center to support full data sovereignty.

Receive highly-personalized support

Receive dedicated support via a Technical Account Manager who both advocates for your specific needs and actively monitors for potential threats, trends, and opportunities for improvement.

Get Global CDN & WAF

Boost your website performance with a complete security and content optimization system managed by amazee.io and built into your ZeroOps platform.

A ZeroOps PaaS, by developers, for developers.

Because we allow our developers to use Kubernetes without learning it – at all. Lagoon is the open-source application delivery platform for Kubernetes, built specifically for the web and its developers.

Mirantis Container Cloud

Single-pane infrastructure management for on-prem and cloud environments. 

Provisioning and managing cloud native infrastructure doesn’t have to be a moonshot. In fact, it can be as simple as point-and-click.

Mirantis Container Cloud gives administrators and developers the power to deploy Kubernetes and OpenStack environments from a single pane of glass—across on-prem, hosted bare metal, and public cloud.

Mission control for infra

Unified interface for all your infra: Mirantis Container Cloud gives you a single console to manage your entire hybrid infrastructure estate.

Zero-downtime updates: No more scheduling work around updates. Get access to new features faster—with zero downtime for clusters and workloads.

Self-service for developers: Give your developers the power to effortlessly create, observe, and manage Kubernetes clusters, all with custom guardrails.



How it works

Many organizations run hundreds or thousands of clusters at edge sites, and workloads may be orchestrated across multiple cloud providers or on-prem data centers. How can you standardize operations for all of those environments?

Mirantis Container Cloud provides a unified control plane spanning multiple clouds and infrastructure platforms. Easily manage clusters on OpenStack, VMware, bare metal, and leading cloud providers, including AWS and Azure—while built-in StackLight gives you comprehensive visibility.

Full stack management

Manage the full stack of Kubernetes and related technologies in one platform, covering the container runtime, networking, storage, and more.

Integrate with everything

REST APIs let you connect with enterprise IAM, CI/CD, or other modern operations or dev/test workflows to easily build self-service tools.

Easy spin-up (and clean-up)

When you provision a cluster, Mirantis takes care of everything—networks, security groups, load balancers, and more. When you’re done, it’s just as easy to delete a cluster: all components are automatically cleaned up for you.

Secure and simple

A mature, layered, role-based security and secrets model protects critical credentials and limits permissions—without slowing you down.


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