Visual Studio 2017

What every developer wants: best-in-class dev tools for increased productivity and performance

Everything you need to build and deploy any app, game, or extension, using any language, for any platform.

Fast to start up, load and debug

  • Easier and faster install; uninstalls cleanly
  • Improved debugging, including Run to click
  • Quick fixes and refactoring
  • Better and faster navigation
  • IntelliSense filtering

Easily create cloud ready apps

  • Built-in tools for comprehensive integration with all of your .NET Core, Azure applications, services, Docker containers, and more
  • Seamlessly create your app, containerise it, and deploy it on Azure in a few mouse clicks

Cross-platform mobile development

  • Xamarin integration means you can build .NET-based Android, iOS and Windows apps
  • Develop mobile apps in JavaScript or TypeScript with Apache Cordova, or with Visual C++ cross-platform library development tools

Build. Deploy. Repeat.
Or, the developer experience

We know how modernising your application development lifecycle can help you to deliver and deploy faster and meet your business goals. Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is a comprehensive set of cloud-powered collaboration tools that support teams throughout the cycles of planning, dev/test, and delivery, enabling you to create an efficient and productive continuous delivery and release pipeline. VSTS delivers scalable, reliable features and supports teams of any size.

We’ve moved hundreds of customers to the cloud and we know how to help you make the most of the cloud infrastructure to deliver continuous value to your users. We understand the importance of speed, efficiency, CI/CD, and how a DevOps practice can positively impact your business success. With quality code, automation and cloud-scalability, “Build, Deploy, Repeat” becomes an entirely new developer experience.

Our Cloud Architects can help you to:

  • Set up your cloud dev/test environment
  • Make the most of Azure and Cognitive Services
  • Start collaborating with VSTS
  • Integrate Xamarin for mobile development and mobile DevOps
  • Add extra functionality with third party developer tools


Visual Studio Licensing – it’s our speciality

Visual Studio subscriptions (formerly known as MSDN) come with a different set of benefits depending on the type and level you choose. You have the option to buy just the Visual Studio IDE or to also get a comprehensive set of subscriber benefits that include cloud services, software for development and testing, support, training, and more.


Visual Studio Professional

Provides individual developers or small teams the powerful tools and features needed to create multi-tier applications across the web, cloud, and devices.

Visual Studio Enterprise

An integrated, end-to-end solution for enterprise-class app development, with productivity tools, advanced services, and Enterprise DevOps capabilities to design, build, and deploy complex enterprise applications of any size.


Cloud subscription

Monthly or Annual subscriptions where you rent Visual Studio and VSTS. Annual subscribers receive additional benefits. Cloud subscriptions are ideal for cloud dev/test and cost effectively creating modern consumer and business applications across devices and the cloud.

Benefit from:

  • Flexible, short term contract
  • Cost effective monthly or annual billing
  • First access to the latest version releases
  • One sign-in simplified licence management
  • Support from Grey Matter

Perpetual licensing

Visual Studio Volume Licensing subscriptions (VL) require a multi-year commitment. They are available on Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreements and feature perpetual licences for Visual Studio.

Each edition is available as a cloud subscription or on a Volume Licensing Agreement.

Visual Studio Professional

Standalone Licence Standard Subscription Cloud Subscriptions
Subscription Name Visual Studio Professional 2017 Visual Studio Professional Subscription (MSDN) Annual Monthly
Subscription Term N/A 24 months (Open Licence program); 36 months (other Volume Licensing programs) 12 months 1 month
Team Collaboration None, though creating a Visual Studio Team Services account is free for 5 users Access to any Visual Studio Team Services account, plus a TFS user CAL Access to any Visual Studio Team Services account, plus a TFS user CAL
Licensing Terms Perpetual* Perpetual* Non-perpetual

Visual Studio Enterprise

Standard Subscription Cloud Subscriptions
Subscription Name Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription (MSDN) Annual Monthly
Subscription Term 24 months (Open Licence program); 36 months (other Volume Licensing programs) 12 months 1 month
Team Collaboration Access to any Visual Studio Team Services account, plus a TFS user CAL Access to any Visual Studio Team Services account with the Test Manager extension, plus a TFS user CAL
Licensing Terms Perpetual* Non-perpetual

*Perpetual licence terms:
While all non-software benefits expire, you can continue using the software after subscription expiration, except for purchases in Enterprise Subscription Agreement, Open Value Subscription, and Campus Agreement programmes

When you contact our Visual Studio licensing specialists, they’ll talk to you about your dev project and work with you to ensure you are on the most cost effective scheme for your planned usage and business needs.

Click here to read the Visual Studio 2017 Licensing Whitepaper:

Extend Visual Studio with your favourite third party tools

Visual Studio is an extensible platform that lets you add widely used components and controls for code analysis, profiling, and refactoring, to ensure your code is clear, clean, and secure for great app execution and performance.

Add the extra functionality you need with third party tools from our software catalogue, many of them winners in the Visual Studio 2017 Readers Choice Awards:

Build beautiful apps with Visual Studio and Xamarin

Xamarin is a mobile app development platform for building native iOS, Android, and Windows apps from a single shared .NET code base, achieving from 75% to nearly 100% code reuse between platforms.

Xamarin apps use native UIs on every platform to enable the best possible user experiences. For C#, .NET, and Visual Studio developers, working with Xamarin for mobile apps delivers the same power and productivity, including remote debugging on Android, iOS, and Windows devices, without having to learn native coding languages.

With a Visual Studio Volume Licensing subscription (VL) or an annual cloud subscription, you get additional features in your Visual Studio IDE, as well as benefits such as access to on-demand content from the Xamarin University curriculum, free tools and special offers, and Azure monthly credits.

Contact us now to learn more about building cross-platform mobile apps with Visual Studio and Xamarin.

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