World’s Fastest Charting Controls
for Desktop and Web


GPU Accelerated Charting Controls

LightningChart .NET and JavaScript solutions are built to fulfill the industry’s most demanding data visualization requirements with thorough charts optimization, minimal delays, and smooth rendering.


Visual Complexity Made Simple

LightningChart .NET and JavaScript intuitive APIs enable users to easily manipulate even the most complex charts with a mouse and touchscreen interaction features for any desktop, mobile, and tablet device.


Best Rendering Performance

LightningChart for .NET has an outstanding rendering capacity of over 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion +) datapoints with just 128GB RAM.

LightningChart for JS has a rendering performance of over 2,000,000,000 (2B+) datapoints.

Both in real-time.


5-Star Customer Support

LightningChart .NET and JavaScript solutions have full-technical support for both free trial and subscription users.

Whether you need first-time guidance or lines of code, we are here to help!



  • Real-time monitoring without flickering or delays
  • Full data accuracy, no reduction of data points needed
  • More data on screen
  • Better graphics quality
  • Responsive UI. The mouse or touchscreen operations will update the chart instantly and will free processor time for other UI controls to continue operating



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