Why oneAPI

oneAPI is an open, cross-industry, standards-based, unified, multiarchitecture, multi-vendor programming model that delivers a common developer experience across accelerator architectures – for faster application performance, more productivity, and greater innovation. The oneAPI initiative encourages collaboration on the oneAPI specification and compatible oneAPI implementations across the ecosystem.

Collaborate with our community.

We invite radical collaboration from across the ecosystem to create a shared industry spec that gives developers the power and flexibility to create fast, innovative, data-centric solutions.

Collaboration Encouraged

Enabling an open-industry standard, cross-architecture software stack for accelerators.

oneAPI Technical Advisory Board

The oneAPI technical advisory boards are an invitation-only forum of industry experts that help guide the oneAPI parallel programming ecosystem and give input to the oneAPI specification.

The general community is invited to join the conversation by reviewing the oneAPI specification, as well as the notes/slides in the GitHub repo, and then post comments or questions as Github issues.


DPC++ & oneDPL

DPC++ is oneAPI’s core language for programming accelerators and multiple processors. oneDPL is a companion to the DPC++ compiler.


High-performance math routines for science, and financial applications


Artificial Intelligence allows machines to work efficiently and solve problems


DPC++ image processing library for xPU

Level Zero

Foundational layer for supporting oneAPI as it provides a direct-to-metal interface to offload accelerator devices


Join the Momentum.

The industry initiative is growing with increased use of the oneAPI programming model in Artificial Intelligence, Visual Computing, HPC and other segments.

GE Healthcare Adopts oneAPI to Tackle Fragmentation

GE Healthcare transformed patient care by using oneAPI to overcome fragmentation in IT environments w/ diverse devices, data centers & clouds. The result: developing solutions once & deploying with very minimal rework. Now that’s powerful.

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The Evolution of Open Standards Programming for HPC and AI

An increasing number of developers are seeking the benefits of the parallelism delivered by accelerator processors such as GPUs to enable HPC and AI applications. In the world of AI & HPC programming to get performance, developers have often needed to use closed and proprietary programming models. oneAPI is based on open standards that deliver both performance and portability, and at its core is the SYCL open standard. This open and unified programming model gives developers a way to take advantage of the growing diversity of processor platforms. This presentation will explore how the community is creating an ecosystem using open standards and how we can get the whole industry to work together on this initiative.

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oneAPI: A Worthy Challenge Keynote

Joe Curley will open the summit, and welcome the audience. He will introduce the inspiration behind oneAPI and the industry problem we hope to solve together and set the stage for what is coming up next in the conference.

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