The first forensic browser

FAW is the first forensic browser, the best known in the world and the only one that guarantees the authenticity, compliance and unalterability of the web pages it captures.

All data acquired using FAW have legal value and can be used in court.
FAW is a software that includes a suite of tools to acquire any type of web page: static and dynamic, CMS, Mobile, E-Commerce, Social Network, Dark Web, Intranet, etc.
FAW makes the content collection process easy by doing it for you. The entire acquisition process is managed completely automatically by the software to avoid the risk of human error typical of manual procedures, guaranteeing the undeniable validity of the collected data.

Easy to use

It works like a web browser. Anyone, even users without any IT knowledge, can collect digital evidence independently.

Secure storage

All files are stored on your computer and can be accessed offline whenever you wish.

Certain date

Each document you download has a certain and certified date.

Legal validity

Recognized by the computer forensic community as a standard. All documents downloaded
using FAW are legally valid.

Unlimited acquisitions

You can repeat the acquisitions as many times as you wish. Once the license is purchased, there are no usage limits of any kind.


FAW is the first forensic browser, the best known and the most used world-wide. Born in 2011, it is a point of reference in the sector, used by technical consultants, lawyers, and control agencies.
FAW is the only forensic browser in the world that guarantees the authenticity, conformity and inalterability of the acquired web pages. The entire software has been developed in compliance
with national and international legislation, scientific articles and Digital Forensics best practices.




FAW is the first forensic browser and the best known in the world. Born in 2011, it is the reference software used by consultants, lawyers and law enforcement agencies all over the world.
FAW is the only forensic browser in the world that guarantees the authenticity, compliance and inalterability of the web pages acquired.
FAW was developed in compliance with national and international legislation, scientific papers and best practices of Digital Forensics.
An innovative providing software and tools to acquire in a simple, secure, proven and compliant to state-of-the-art legal best practices, any content on the Web (web page, image, video, pdf, chat, webmail, social profile).


Vision To be the worldwide leader provider of online-evidence acquisition tools.

Mission Making “easy-to-use-by-everyone” tools for collecting any online content (web pages, social profiles, chats, messages, webmail, videos) helping people and companies to preserve their rights and digital reputation.




Dramatic growth of cybercrime activities in EU and globally such as: online defamation, stalking, harassment, cyberbullying, identity theft, online fraud and forgery, unauthorized access, illegal online content. Each cybercrime activity produces online traces, that need to be collected as soon as possible in order to protect victims and ask for damages in case.



An product/service that allows people and companies to acquire online contents, using a safe and simple procedure uncontestable by Court or third parties.

• stalking
• cyberbulling and grooming
• defamation
• identity theft
• divorces

• cyber crimes fight
• victims assistance to defend their rights
• fake news fight
• consumer protection

• unfair competition
• IPR infrigements
• unfaithful employees
• frauds (insurances and banks)
• company reputation
• smart contracts

• digital forensics
• private eyes
• lawyers in different legal fields
• journalists




FAW Professional
The perfect solution for forensic acquisition of web pages. Forensic community of all the world gave it the recognition like a precious instrument to fix web pages. FAW is suitable for technical consultant and other expert need automatic acquisitions, acquisitions of TOR network and innovative features to speed the activities. The licence has a year-long due date and it works only for a

FAW Professional ON-DEMAND
The ideal solution to make all the acquisitions you want within 24 hours, at an extremely convenient price. It is ideal for individuals and professionals who need a simple and valuable tool to certify web pages with legal value. The Professional license allows you to make acquisitions on the TOR network and has advanced features to speed up all types of acquisitions.
The license has a duration of 24 hours from the time of activate and is combined with a workstation.

FAW Law Enforcement
The software for forensic acquisition of web pages designed for Law Enforcement department. It has all the Professional version features and other important features required by workers in the
sector. The licence has a year-long due date and it works only for a workstation.

FAW Law Enforcement PFA
The software for the forensic acquisition of web pages designed for the Law Enforcement sector. All the features of the Professional version plus other features required by industry operators.
The license is free and has an unlimited duration and is combined with a workstation. The peculiarity of this version is that all captures are encrypted on disk except for the screenshoot. To unlock all the acquisitions of a single case and therefore have evidential value, you can purchase an unlock code (faw unlock code).

FAW Sign
FAW Sign allows you to acquire all types of interactions of the Web pages according to the best practices of the Digital Forensic and in compliance with the ISO / IEC 27037: 2012 standard, thus
ensuring the traceability of the user’s navigation and the activity carried out within the individual web pages.



1. First and only forensic browser since 2011.
2. Trusted by most law enforcement agencies in the world;
3. The acquisition data does not reside in the third -party cloud but on users’ machines;
4. The most complete forensic acquisition software on the Web with automated forms for the most important social networks;
5. Born and developed by independent and consolidated companies (not startups);
6. Backed by an extensive worldwide reseller network offering technical support to users;
7. The most ethical, always close to the needs of students, professors and associations with free licenses to spread the knowledge of the best practices of digital forensics;
8. Available in many languages and tested by the world’s leading forensic communities;
9. The creators of the software are developers and forensic technicians with decades of experience in the sector;
10. The product with the best price / acquisition ratio.



Software Sources Ltd. is Faw’s Reseller.