Digia Plc

Digia is a Finnish software solutions and service company. We have over 1,000 professionals creating inventive solutions and bringing success for people, businesses and communities in everyday life. We improve our customers competitiveness with multi channelled enterprise solutions that improve effectiveness and customer experience. Our customers trust our insightful specialists, our deep industry comprehension and recognised wide-ranging technology know-how. Our innovative products are within reach of people around the world.

We deliver ICT solutions and services to various industries, focusing especially on finance, public sector, trade and services and telecommunications. Digia operates in Finland, Russia, China, Sweden, Norway, Germany and in the U.S.

Digia Enterprise – leading domestic ERP-system in its target group. It suits well for Finnish organizations. The strongest user groups are found in wholesale sector and in manufacturing companies. Digia Enterprise has also specific industry verticals created for Food Services and Bakery industries.

Qt 5.0 – The latest version of the Qt C++ UI framework and the foundation for a new way of developing applications, where Qt Quick is in the center of Qt. Qt 5 continues to offer all of the power of native Qt C++ enabling highly sophisticated user experiences, offering applications the full capabilities of OpenGL/OpenGL ES graphics acceleration.

Qt 5.0 makes developers’ lives easy by enabling them to develop applications faster than ever before with intuitive user interfaces for multiple targets. With Qt 5, it is easier to address the latest UI paradigm shifts that touch screens and tablets require

Software Sources Ltd. is serving as Digia Reseller.