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Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Connections & Passwords. Everywhere!


Centralize, Manage and Secure Remote Connections

IT departments are responsible for managing and controlling access to an ever-growing inventory of on-site and off-site servers, computers and devices. Yet relying on multiple remote connection tools and password managers is inefficient, frustrating and unsecure. Instead of being treated to streamlined clarity, IT pros, sysadmins and help desk technicians struggle with ongoing chaos. The solution is to centralize remote connection technologies, remote machine data, password management, and access control on a platform that is secure, scalable, and refreshingly simple to use.


What is Remote Desktop Manager?

Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) centralizes all remote connections on a single platform that is securely shared between users and across the entire team. With support for hundreds of integrated technologies — including multiple protocols and VPNs — along with built-in enterprise-grade password management tools, global and granular-level access controls, and robust mobile apps to complement desktop clients for Windows and Mac, RDM is a Swiss Army knife for remote access. RDM empowers IT departments to drive security, speed and productivity throughout the organization, while reducing inefficiency, cost and risk.



Devolutions Hub

Enterprise Password Management


Vault and Manage Business-User Passwords

In order to reduce the growing risks posed by insider threats and data breaches – and also to meet increasingly stringent audit and compliance requirements – organizations need to control and monitor sensitive information and privileged access. Yet at the same time, organizations need to strike a balance between keeping critical assets secure and enabling users to be productive and efficient.

Devolutions Hub delivers the best of both worlds: robust enterprise-grade password management security, with an intuitive and optimized user experience.


What is Devolutions Hub?

Controlled by IT pros and loved by business users, Devolutions Hub Business is a secure and cloud-based password manager for teams. It empowers your organization to easily and securely vault and manage business-user passwords, along with other sensitive information, through a user-friendly web interface that can be quickly, easily and securely accessed via any browser. Simply put, Devolutions Hub Business is the perfect balance of security and usability.


Seamless Integration with Remote Desktop Manager

Since Devolutions Hub Business is a data source within Remote Desktop Manager, users do not have to launch both solutions. They can get everything they need — remote connections, machine information, credentials, and other sensitive data — from Remote Desktop Manager. However, if they wish to launch Devolutions Hub Business, they can easily do so through a user-friendly web interface that is quickly and securely accessed via any browser.


Need a Personal Password Management Solution?

Everyone needs to properly secure their personal data, and easily access it when necessary. Devolutions Hub Personal is for individual users who want to secure personal passwords in a secure vault for FREE. Linked to your Devolutions Account, you can easily create and have access to your own Devolutions Hub Personal.



Devolutions Server

Privileged Access Management for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


Secure, Control and Monitor Access to Privileged Accounts

Managing and controlling access to privileged accounts is of the utmost importance for every organization, regardless of its size. As the concern for insider threats and data breaches is growing, the demand for solutions is also reaching an all-time high. Unfortunately, the majority of existing privileged access management solutions have focused primarily on meeting the needs of large scale organizations. This results in solutions less suited for the specific needs of SMBs, as they tend to be overly complex, challenging to deploy, and beyond budget. This dilemma is what drove Devolutions to create a set of solutions specifically designed to meet the growing needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We call it “PAM for the rest of us.”


What is Devolutions Server?

Devolutions Server is a full-featured shared account and password management solution with add-on privileged access components. It deploys rapidly, implements easily, and delivers the core features of a comprehensive PAM solution. Devolutions Server is designed to meet the ever-expanding security requirements of SMBs, while remaining very affordable.


Seamless Integration with Remote Desktop Manager

Devolutions Server is built to seamlessly integrate with our centralized remote connection management solution Remote Desktop Manager. Once paired, Devolutions Server + Remote Desktop Manager establishes a robust all-in-one privileged account and session management platform that supports 150+ tools and technologies.



Remote Connection Management

Managing a wide range of remote connections and tools from a centralized platform can boost productivity, decrease cost, and increase security.


Connecting to remote computers, devices, and servers is at the heart of every IT department. On any given day, sysadmins will remotely access a host of systems using a variety of software, services, and applications. These tools are an essential part of their IT toolbox, as they allow for the management of multiple systems, while also providing end users with the support they need. As IT professionals scale their efforts across larger networks, cloud services, connection protocols, and user environments, the difficulty of securely managing remote connections for each situation grows exponentially. If these systems are left unmanaged, it won’t be long before the number of individual configurations and lack of proper credential management will lead to inefficiency, vulnerabilities, and overall IT chaos.


Password Management

The right password management solution can help improve your security strategy without reducing productivity.


Whether we like it or not, passwords are part of everyday life, both at work and at home. One of the major challenges companies face today is implementing solutions that enforce the use of strong passwords, while remaining easy enough to use that productivity is not compromised. Many users struggle to remember their own device passwords, not to mention those of the dozens, if not hundreds, of websites, servers, and endpoints they access every day. This often leads users to simply neglect the issue altogether and re-use the same password everywhere in order to perform their jobs efficiently. Now, if users do happen to utilize a password manager, IT professionals are faced with the extra challenge of trying to manage all these various systems, leading to an inconsistent security strategy and additional frustration.


Privileged Access Management

Diminish the risk of insider threats and cyberattacks while providing audit and compliance requirements for your team.


Securing and managing access to privileged accounts is crucial to any organization’s security strategy. Privileged access management solutions should provide, at a minimum: a secured vault for storing privileged data; a means of enforcing least-privilege principles by delegating actions using role-based access controls; and a method of monitoring and reporting actions for audit and compliance requirements.
Even though a wide variety of PAM providers currently exist, the majority of them were developed to meet the needs of large enterprises. The challenge arises when a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) tries to implement one of these solutions in their specific environment. More often than not, administrators find these systems difficult to implement, too complex for end users, and way above their already strained budgets. This leaves many IT admins without the tools needed to effectively protect their organization’s privileged assets.



Devolutions Gateway

Remote Access Management


What is Devolutions Gateway

Establish a secure entry point for internal or external segmented networks that require authorized just-in-time (JIT) access. Generate detailed session tracking and auditing, and eliminate the need to continuously update VPN and firewall rules to grant temporary access. Devolutions Gateway complements either Devolutions Hub Business or Devolutions Server, or both. Therefore, it requires Remote Desktop Manager with a Devolutions Server or Devolutions Hub Business data source.


Seamless integration with Remote Desktop Manager

Devolutions Gateway can be used with supported connection entry types (RDP, SSH, VNC, ARD, PowerShell, websites) in Remote Desktop Manager and supported data sources (Devolutions Server, Devolutions Hub). Once configured to use Devolutions Gateway, new sessions will leverage Just-in-Time authorization for individual connections automatically, without additional steps. The Devolutions Gateway connection process is so seamless in Remote Desktop Manager that you won’t even notice the difference!



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