Delphi Parser

Delphi Parser


The DELPHI PARSER is A Software Utility Robot & Development Full Kit Solution Specializing in Automatic Code Refactoring.

It is designed & aimed to Modernize Database Oriented Software Legacy Systems build with Borland Delphi or C++ Builder in the mid 1990’s using Client\Server architecture.

Embarcadero recommends the use of the DELPHI PARSER for Upgrading Legacy Software Systems from any Delphi or C++ Builder version using BDE (or any other Data-Aware component) to latest RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin using FireDAC.  The Delphi Parser is powered by PACIFITY Technologies Ltd.  An Official Embarcadero’s Tech Partner.

The DELPHI PARSER is a Unique Innovative Technology Built for Quickly & Easily Scanning Millions of Lines of Code, identify the objects and various code sections and rewrites them to support new technologies. It does this quickly and easily and without human intervention. The DELPHI PARSER Robot reads Delphi & C++ Builder Code Syntax & SQL Queries.  The Delphi Parser Robot does the job like no team of experts can do. The Robot runs on a predefined & fully customizable set of rules for optimal use. The Robot scans & map the code, locate all the various occurrences of the code, identify & analyze what is needed to be changed, drill down to the specific line of code & and makes the required exchange within the code base – on a separate copy. The robot knows how to insert new rows or entire sections, change a word or a character inside the line of code, delete unnecessary code (or mark it as a comment), and finally document the changes.

The DELPHI PARSER is Fully Customizable with a Rule Based Code Refactoring Solution. It is suited for legacy version of Delphi & Borland C++ Builder with BDE code, wishing to upgrade its code base to the newest version of RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin & use FireDAC instead of the BDE. The Delphi Parser also support all kind of conversions & it can be easily customized for all type of code & components, VCLs, data-scheme & any other given technology. Based on all the data the Parser collects from scanning the project & analyzing it, it makes the changes wisely, based on set of rules and instructions. It doesn’t make any blind copies nor using half-baked data, voodoo programing, wild guesses or intuitions.The Delphi Parser Empowers Your Developers giving them super-powers & a magic wand to refactor millions of lines of code in a click!

Key Features Why Software Modernization is Made Easy by Using the DELPHI PARSER

• Downsizing the Modernization Project
• Minimize the Risk
• Ultra-Fast Solution
• Easy To Plan
• Reduces up to 80% of Project Modernization Costs.
• Reduces up to 95% of the Workload in the Modernization Process.
• Reduces up to 99% of Errors & Bugs
• No Interference with On Going Development
• Maximize Flexibility for Changes on the Way
• Bridge Between Old and New Technology
The Ultimate Solution for Upgrading Your Legacy Code Base to the Latest Embarcadero’s RAD STUDIO 10.1 Berlin using the DELPHI PARSER.

With the newest Windows 10 systems, 64Bit Operating Systems, Clouds, Web Services, Unicode, Mobile Apps & the Internet of Things, there is a growing market demand for new services supporting the latest technology & modernizing legacy applications. Modernizing legacy systems, from the ’90s, and those still working on ’70s technology to the Future is Inevitable.

The DELPHI PARSER Works in an AGILE Style Solution.

The Automatic Refactoring process includes short cycles of planning, scanning, refactoring, compiling and testing in an AGILE development style. The conversion of million lines of code usually takes few hours. The resulting product is a new copy of the code, where you can easily review the differences between before & after using a standard text comparison tool. The conversion works in a separated environment without any interference to the ongoing development, using an undisturbed development process. Changes and corrections are easily obtained. With each and every new round, you can use the most current code, with no need to merge or branch project’s code with maximum flexibility for changes & additional requirements as the development process may have along the way.

The DELPHI PARSER Technology Built On An Open Architecture. It is constructed in the form of open layers, allows any programmer an access to all its functions & an option to make any adjustments at will, giving that the source code is 100% Pure Delphi. The 1st layer deals with the Language Syntax. The 2nd layer deals with Core Base functionality of the Delphi Parser. The 3rd Layer deals with Database Component, which handles simple replacement requests. The 4th layer is the rule base engine, contains the rule based engine & migration process functionality over a single file & across the entire libraries. The 5th layer is the open scripting language, enables the control of the migration process outside of the source code, without having to recompile the Delphi Parser’s code. This is the wizard layer, which enables building a 1-click scripting tools for similar requests across many projects. The upper level is the application level, where you can write your own customized migration process wizards.

The Core Foundation of the DELPHI PARSER is based on understanding that there is compatibility between the millions of lines of code that exist within the organization, and there is common interface & basic compatibility between different projects in a written code. The similarity between the code bases across different customers is the core foundation on which the Delphi Parser is built on.

The DELPHI PARSER is fully Customizable & Adaptable to any given forms of writing, whether in the same project and whether for different customers. After analysis and mapping patterns of development and use of components of any project, you can build a custom upgrade process, and tailor a solution for each & every project & optimize it to fit requirement to carry out its automatic substitution.


Software Sources Ltd. is serving as Delphi Parser Reseller.