Agile Enterprise Architecture

A leading tool for modeling and roadmapping. ABACUS supports collaborative enterprise architecture and connects your IT and business strategy. Cloud-based data and dashboards streamline global collaboration and remote working.

Available on-premise or as a browser-based SaaS tool.


Map Your Route to Cost Savings & Growth

Discover why 1000s of professionals globally choose ABACUS




Leading Enterprise Modeling & Roadmapping, in Minutes

“Diagrams & Roadmaps Automatically Stay Up-To-Date, This Saves So Much Time” 

  • Connect all data in one place, keeping everything consistent and accurate. Users can edit diagrams and data catalogs in-browser
  • Use industry standards and frameworks to get going quickly
  • Full flexibility to adapt and configure your own metamodels, with ease

Connecting IT and the Wider Enterprise

“The Whole Enterprise Can Have Visibility of Our Architecture” 

  • Set up dashboards to tell data stories using business-friendly visualizations.
  • Offer quick KPIs in a simple view, users can drill down into detail as needed
  • Continue to evolve and improve dashboards based on feedback

Save Time and Lighten Workloads

“People Can Be Responsible For Their Own Data – That Is The Power Of Editable Catalogs” 

  • Allow the wider organisation to update their own data with digital portfolios
  • Part spreadsheet, part database, updating directly to your repository
  • Capture data through normal everyday work, keeping it current

Experience True Time-to-Value

“The Value Is In Being Able To Wire Our Data Together Using Integrations.” 

Create a single source of truth, pulling in your chosen master data  

Integrate from SharePoint, Excel, Visio, Technopedia, CRMs, CMDBs and exchange data via ABACUS’ readable and writeable REST API. 



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