The fastest way to build apps

Empower your team to work faster and more confidently than ever before.



Operationalize your critical data, move beyond rigid tools, and reimagine workflows with AI. No code required.

Simple to build. Intuitive to use.

Enable those closest to the real-world details of your business to customize the apps that accelerate how work gets done.

Transform how your business operates

Empower teams to build apps that connect the organization and drive outcomes—no code needed.

A next-gen app platform designed to scale with you

Use custom business apps to drive results

Enable teams to work smarter and innovate faster by building and connecting powerful apps, without code.

Create apps that drive business impact

The fastest way to build, customize, and share powerful applications.

Create a strong foundation

  • Build a database for your workflow using tables, records, and custom fields
  • Link data across tables to make it actionable and connect work
  • Visualize work in various ways with customizable views

Design and customize apps

  • Create apps in minutes from your existing data with Interface Designer
  • Drag and drop elements to make information digestible and actionable
  • Start from pre-built layouts that flex to meet your needs

Share apps across your organization

  • Control how apps are shared by user, team, or organization
  • Create personalized experiences with key information for each teammate
  • Set custom permissions so the right people have the right info

Integrate with other business-critical tools

Seamlessly connect to tools you use every day – like Jira, Salesforce, and Tableau – to ensure information is shared across systems.

Transform every workflow with the power of AI

Boost productivity and efficiency across your organization by embedding AI directly into every workflow.

The fastest and easiest way to deploy AI

Now available in beta for current Airtable users

Transform every workflow with generative AI

Effortlessly add advanced AI models directly to your apps in minutes. Only Airtable makes AI accessible enough that your team can integrate it into every piece of their work.

Quick to deploy. Easy to iterate.

Airtable’s intuitive platform speeds up AI enablement across your organization. Rapidly iterate and refine your AI workflows as you build internal know-how.

One platform. Countless AI workflows.

No extra tools needed. Leverage Airtable’s flexible relational database and your real-time shared data to supercharge every workflow across the organization.



You have questions? We have answers.

When will Airtable AI be available?

Airtable AI is currently in beta for paid plans. Airtable AI will have no additional cost on top of your normal Airtable subscription fee during the beta period, but will be released as an optional paid add-on for paid plans when generally available later this year. If you use Airtable AI during the beta period, you are not required to use it as a paid add-on when generally available.

What type of work is AI best for?

Airtable AI can be added to any workflow and is flexible enough to advance critical steps across workflows in every team or department. Product teams can use AI to categorize customer feedback and generate product specs to speed up feature development. Marketing teams can use AI to generate creative briefs, gather competitive intel, or draft blog posts. HR and finance teams can use AI to generate job descriptions, categorize budget spend, draft company memos, and more.

Will I need assistance to add AI to my workflows?

Because AI is built natively into Airtable, it can be added to any app or workflow in a few minutes. Simply add AI as a field in your base, interface, or form and then start writing prompts and harnessing the power of AI in your workflows. It doesn’t require code, advanced builds, or implementation assistance to add AI to your workflow.

Is prior experience with AI required to get started?

No, prior experience with AI is not necessary to get started with Airtable AI. Whether you are new to AI or have expertise in the field, you can benefit from Airtable AI. Airtable AI is designed to help teams build confidence and develop skills in writing and using AI prompts. With a choice of pre-built prompts and guidance and tips provided, you can quickly add AI capabilities to your workflows and make the most of its power, regardless of your prior experience with AI.

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