The Ventuz Suite for creating sophisticated real-time applications consists of three components: Designer, Director and Runtime. Together, they form a powerful real-time production environment that leaves nothing to be desired, whether for virtual and live events, broadcast environments, eSports competitions or demanding installations with live data feeds.

VENTUZ Designer


Ventuz Designer combines the worlds of content creation, logic, animation, compositing and design in a real-time 3D environment. Complete creative freedom paired with data connectivity, state-logic animation, and easy development of interactive graphics allows for content that is unique.



Your imagination is the limit. The Designer user interface is node based, where nodes are small building blocks that can be stacked or connected to create visuals and logic.


Ventuz Designer features common workflows and tools, such as layer-based real-time 2D/3D compositing, including industry-standard blending modes, visual effects and color grading.


In addition to standard timeline based Keyframe Animations, Ventuz Designer offers a State Logic Animation System for easy integration of non-linear animations into interactive or event driven content. Furthermore, it is very easy to animate video and audio clips synchronously to graphics in a timeline. To speed up the workflow, Ventuz Designer features Nested Animations functionality for easy animation sequencing and instancing.


Apart from geometry primitives, Ventuz Designer supports a wide range of 3D exchange technologies and formats, such as OBJ, FBX and Collada (DAE). Ventuz also includes GlTf 2.0 support, with SRT Animations, Skeletal Meshes/Animations and Mesh Sequences. In addition, the  Cinema4D Live Link enables a very streamlined workflow between both applications with assets being updated live in the Ventuz scene.

Substance SBSAR support opens the door for using realistic PBR materials created with Substance Designer and Painter inside Ventuz, and to integrate them with Ventuz native Dynamic Lights, Shadows and Reflections.


Designer features a wide range of tools for easy creation of gesture-based and multi-user interactions, including a fully interactive Web browser. Creating touchscreen solutions is made simple with native support for TUIO and Windows Touch protocols. Other interaction device support includes keyboard, mouse and joystick.

Designer works with many of the common control protocols such as OSC, MIDI, GPI and SERIAL. Lighting control devices can be connected via DMX, ArtNET or SaCN. Easily extend the existing functionality using 3rd party libraries through .NET C#/VB scripting.


Designer includes many tools to connect to external data sources, from simple Text/Excel/XML/JSON files to bidirectional communication with  databases. Data is not only used to fill data fields in your graphics, it can also be combined with advanced logic to trigger new actions and develop more complex behaviors.


Through simple drag-and-drop actions, assets such as video and audio clips, images, 3D models and scenes, text elements and feeds, or any form of external data can be imported, connected, composited and easily animated. To make this even easier, Ventuz Designer features data exchange workflows with widely used DCC packages such as MAXON Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Designer and many more.

The result can then be previewed and arranged in real time at maximum quality, with no compromises. Furthermore, Ventuz Designer allows for extensive and compelling motion graphics and visual effects to be created and animated directly in the software – even driven by interactivity or connected to external data. To achieve this functionality, Ventuz features not only common time-line based animation processes and flexible data connectivity, but a powerful state logic animation system, which is the perfect solution for creating non-linear animations reacting to triggers and commands.

Create bespoke high-end applications, no coding skills required, with Ventuz Designer node-based interface. If required the system functionality can easily be extended using standard scripting languages, custom shaders, etc. In addition, it is quite easy to integrate Ventuz in any kind of workflow using the many control protocols, APIs or scripting interfaces.

Creativity paired with data connectivity, state-logic animation, and fast implementation of interactive graphics allows for content that is truly unique.

VENTUZ Runtime


Ventuz Runtime is a powerful 2D/3D real-time render engine built for maximum scalability, performance and reliability. It combines advanced 3D graphics capabilities, state of the art video decoding with real-time compositing, motion graphics effects and advanced tools for multi-machine and multi-display setups.



Resolution is not a limit anymore, 4k or 40k, Ventuz Runtime supports integrating several machines into a single synchronized cluster in order to scale your content to any resolution on any canvas. Real-Time content rendering and Video Playback are fully synchronized – even interaction across multiple machines is not a problem. Warp and blend your outputs, including soft edge and color control, to create high resolution projection mappings.


Ventuz advanced Video Engine allows working on any SDI Standard (SD, HD, 3G, 6G, 12G) with support for video hardware from established vendors like Deltacast, Black Magic, AJA and more. Other Video Input/Output options include Newtek’s NDI, shared surfaces, Ventuz’ VIO API, Spout, Encoded Stream Outputs and WMF Input Devices – commonly used for any kind of Webcams.


Load and process real-time data from online services, data bases or your file system in real-time and visualize mass data using the integrated Particle System. Let your audience interact with your presentation using touchscreens (Windows Touch and TUIO protocols), Keyboard or any other Input Device, or even include Web content in your graphics with the fully functional interactive web browser.


Ventuz offers a sophisticated 3D-Engine that is capable of rendering advanced effects such as Real-time Shadows, Depth of Field, Dynamic Lights, Image Based Lighting and Reflections. Furthermore, Ventuz integrates a physically based material system offering all needed inputs: ranging from the typical normal maps and diffuse maps to specular lighting maps and displacement maps.


Ventuz Render Engine also features industry-standard Blending Modes and 2D/3D Effects, all in Real-Time, including Blur, Glare, Color Correction, Bloom, 2D Deformations and more.

The featured Color Difference Keyer makes easier to integrate in more advanced workflows that require the integration of live presenters with computer-generated elements. In addition, the advanced Video Engine offers flexible use of any SDI Standard (SD, HD, 3G, 6G, 12G) with support for a wide range of internal and external keying modes.


Ventuz Runtime lives where the rubber meets the road, handling the rendering and live display of Ventuz content. To provide this function across the myriad of project types and environments, it offers absolute flexibility: from frame-accurate synced clusters for huge video wall setups to interactive touchscreens, or even IP streams for complex network-based graphics operations, Runtime supports it all. Additionally, it covers all the broadcast graphic needs and output requirements, regardless of location, output format or resolution.

But beyond its flexibility and scalability, Runtime offers stunning performance, whether it is measured in number of geometry triangles being rendered or the amount of outputs and resolutions of the video content played back. Its combination of capabilities is truly remarkable, combining advanced 3D graphics generation and state of the art video decoding with real-time compositing and motion graphics effects – all with stunning quality.

Naturally, all VENTUZ’ data connectivity and interactivity capabilities are inherently part of its core as well. But all this is pointless unless it can deliver with unquestionable rock-solid stability. Of course, with thousands of experiences, video walls and broadcast graphics solutions, often running in highly visible or critical areas for years, it has proven its reliability time and time again.


VENTUZ Director


Ventuz Director is the Control Application within the Ventuz ecosystem used for Live Events or Broadcast projects. Director allows operators to run through playlists, preview and take graphics in a manual or automatic fashion and make last minute changes to the content.



Ventuz Director can control any number of playout machines from one or more control seats with ease. It can control not only various machines independently, but also independent Graphic Layers, Split-screens or even Graphical Elements in a Virtual Set/AR scenario. Channels can be operated either manually, via GPI input or other automation systems, or even using automated or manually triggered Playlists.


The use of template-based graphics allows separating design from data population and playout control, resulting in a more flexible and scalable workflow. You can fill your templates with data quickly by using manual live editing, playlists or plug-ins for more specific use cases. With Director it is easy to make last minute changes to your playout graphics and integrate live data in your workflow.


Ventuz Director features a very flexible Window Layout and the User Interface can be easily customized to meet your needs. Additionally, you can use  Plug-Ins for creating more specific User Interfaces or advanced functionality. Furthermore, Director features macros to automatize and control commonly used tasks in a more efficient way.

In addition, the Remoting API and GPI interface provide a very flexible, yet powerful, medium to integrate with any 3rd party control or automation systems in the market.


By the use of MOS protocol, Ventuz Director integrates easily with your NewsRoom Computer System (NRCS); the NRCS solutions currently supported are AP ENPS, Avid iNEWS, Octopus and Annova OpenMedia.

Journalists can browse, edit and preview the graphics needed using Ventuz Newsroom Plugin, embed them into their stories and add them to the show rundown. Ventuz Director polls and plays the pages created by the journalists and plays them out as requested by the program rundown.

The system also includes a centralized asset management, including local caches, a sophisticated user rights management and several mechanisms to prepare for system outages and to ensure the maximum reliability.


Besides the easy embedding in Newsroom Systems the Director can also be automated using its HTTP Websocket Remoting API or via CII, VDCP and Mosart Integration. To accept more specific 3rd party protocols or process any incoming data you can create custom Plug-Ins or customise the Automation Service to your needs.


In its simplest use case, Ventuz Director allows you to create and manually or automatically control a cue list of the VENTUZ scenes and templates. Requiring only the easiest and minimal learning curve to use as an operator, it provides a simple out of the box control for any VENTUZ configuration or show. To even further minimize barriers to entry, Director adheres to familiar concepts and workflows, such as a template/page paradigm, playlists and shot-boxes, or timeline based workflows reminiscent of NLE systems. Thereby, Director brings powerful real-time, data-driven 2D and 3D content into a standard and instantly familiar environment that requires little or no extensive retraining.

Director allows operators to quickly and easily run through playlists, preview graphics, make last minute changes to the content and take graphics live. The flexible interface can be completely customized to suit any workspace environment, even across several screens. With lightning fast response times, it is built with the requirements of a live production environment in mind. But for those projects that require that extra level of customization, Director has its own flexible API allowing for deep customizability to fit the projects’ needs. It even allows you to develop bespoke applications and custom elements that run directly within the Director interface.


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